Record on iPhone: Keeping Track of Your Calls

Ever wanted a button for record on iPhone? Important phone calls often need to be recorded. And if you’re lucky to be from one of the states in which that’s not illegal, you’ll probably be doing this soon. Why soon? Well, you could, of course, do this now, but the apps that are out there today are simply impractical. But that’s not to say they don’t get the job done!

In this short guide, we will be presenting you with the options available to record on iPhone. We’ll see what the current apps can do, what types of calls they can record, and most importantly: what their limitation are. Because, of course, these apps are not perfect. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be an Indiegogo campaign for a record on iPhone device. More about that below.

Record on iPhone – Available Options

As we’ve said, first we’ll be going through the available options to record on iPhone. There are several apps available if you want to do this.

  • Call Recorder. This app, which is now up to version 1.4.3, can record any call. However, there’s a trick to this: you can record unlimited calls, but you can only listen to up to 90 seconds of each call, after which you have to pay. Needless to say, this is a cheap trick by the app developers. Still, unhappy housewives have reviewed this and said that it works perfectly.
  • TapeACall Pro. This app doesn’t mess around. It asks for $9.99 when users want to buy the app and then it’s completely unlocked. To record on iPhone with this app, you have to call someone (obviously), and then tap the record button. The app then makes a three-way call which will record all that is being said.
  • Google Voice. The Google Voice app only works to record incoming calls. So again, this one is at a major disadvantage from the rest. The advantage, however, is that recording and playback are unlimited and free. The main disadvantage of this Google app to record on iPhone is that it tries to do too many things.
  • Whether this app is better or worse than the previous ones is… debatable. Yes, it will allow you to record all phone calls. However, it will subsequently charge you with 10 cents for each minute recorded. We’ll let you judge whether this is worth it or not.

Record on iPhone – JIC

You’re probably wondering: how to record a phone call on iPhone without having to go through the hassle of setting up a three-way phone call, or of an app that charges you for anything. Well, soon you will be able to record calls on iPhone with JIC. What is JIC? Basically, it’s a phone case that will also function as an iPhone voice recorder. How? Well, let’s look at the functions of this future record on iPhone device:

  • A microphone. Obviously, in order to record on iPhone, this case will need a microphone. This is placed right next to the speaker of the phone, in a non-intrusive way so that you will have the commodity of using the iPhone just as before.
  • A microSD slot. A MicroSD slot is not just something cool. It’s a needed feature because otherwise where would you store all those calls? The case can hold a MicroSD card up to whatever size you want it to be.
  • A charging slot. Of course, the case has a standalone battery. This battery can last about 8 hours in record mode (provided you have enough space on your memory card). When in standby mode, the battery promises to last up to a year on a single charge. The slot to charge this battery is a simple lightning port.
  • Speakerphone. You know, in case you want to listen to your recorded calls or if you need to play them as evidence in court. The speakerphone of the JIC is really loud so even that member of the jury with hearing problems will have no problems distinguishing what the call is about.
  • Play/Record buttons. There is a big record button on the back, easily reachable with your finger. There is also a big play button. One thing to watch out for is not to hit the play button while in a call. Imagine trying to explain what happened to the person on the other side.

The JIC is an incredibly promising device, and with the campaign on Indiegogo being 75% funded, it’s already clear that we’ll be able to buy this device pretty soon. So: how to record a phone call on iPhone? It’s never been easier. All you need to do is download an app or wait for the JIC to hit the stores and you’ll have an easy and straightforward way to record on iPhone.

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