SEO Powersuite: Is it Really the Best SEO Software?

SEO PowerSuite is a search engine optimization software that helps your websites increase their usability and rank high in search engines. It’s comprised of 4 SEO programs: Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, and Link Assistant. Collectively, they will help you improve your rankings, generate traffic, increase sales, and ultimately, grow your business.

Here’s everything you need to know about what might be the best SEO software at the moment:

SEO PowerSuite Products

Developed by Small SEO Tools, SEO PowerSuite is a search engine marketing software that shows comprehensive, real-time statistics for your website. This includes backlink profiles, content, rankings, and any errors that might occur while Google indexes your websites.

The free SEO software version includes unlimited sites and keywords and all of the SEO suite’s SEO features (rankings, social signals, backlink profile, on-page stats, etc.). The professional version costs $299 per year and allows you to view unlimited data for all your SEO features, save projects, run automated tasks, and use your clipboard to copy data. The enterprise version costs $699 at the moment and is the right choice for SEO agencies or freelancers. Apart from the aforementioned benefits, with this version, you will also be able to export data, create PDF or HTML reports, and deliver them to customers.

Rank Tracker

SEO PowerSuite’s Rank Tracker has over 400 search engines integrated and has unlimited websites and keywords you can track. You can also make use of their geo-specific data if you have a local business, with access to data for countries, states, cities, or even streets. You can also customize all your reports and schedule the tracker to run at certain dates or hours, even several times per day if needed. If needed, the tool will instantly send the reports to you, a co-worker, or a client.

As for keyword research, the Rank Tracker integrated the most effective keyword planning tools. Google AdWords’ planner, Google Trends & related searches, SEMRush, or Keyword Discovery are just a few highlights. Moreover, this smart tool will also group your keywords by topic – an extremely useful feature for those who have a lot of websites on their hands. Of course, you will also have access to your Google Analytics & Search Console data and analyze your competition, too.

Website Auditor

This spider nu SEO PowerSuite will go through every piece of content on your website, including images and videos. In addition, it also enables you to crawl the websites ass different search engines. This means accurate metrics for all your pages (over 40 factors), social signals for your pages and website overall, traffic, and optimization advice. This includes fixing page loading issues, HTML errors and warnings, titles, descriptions, keyword density, and links.

This means you’ll also get a personalized step-by-step guide to fixing these issues or improving your website’s overall functionality. And of course, all your reports are fully customizable – you can even use color coding and your website’s logo. But the most useful feature of this SEO PowerSuite tool might just be its XML sitemap and robots.txt generators, which automatically create these crucial files for your website.

SEO SpyGlass

This little but powerful SEO PowerSuite tool will analyze your domain’s age, authority, and backlink profile to create comprehensive, long-term reports. You have more than 50 factors at your disposal, including anchor text, sitewide and non-sitewide links, social signals, Alexa, or DMOZ rankings. You can also analyze competition’s backlink profiles and visualize the backlinks of 5 websites at once. This will help you build effective, high-quality backlink building strategies.

With SpyGlass, you can also run automated tasks and automatically send customized reports to yourself, your coworkers, or your customers. You can also exclude certain factors that are not important to you to navigate through reports faster. This tool is the best SEO software to perform anti-penalty audit and make sure you only have the highest quality backlinks.

Link Assistant

Although the previous SEO program did analyze the quality of your website, this small SEO tool focuses on your website’s link profile alone. You will get info on your URLs, anchors, link positioning, and other quality factors. Of course, you have an unlimited number of entries which you can easily browse, sort, or filter through.

With this SEO program, you will be able to find powerful websites for your niche and websites that link to your competitors while excluding your own website from these searches. You can also verify your backlink profile to make sure all the links bring SEO value and will not lead to a Google penalty. But this SEO PowerSuite tool also allows you to check your anchors in real time and perform automated checks and tasks.

All in all, SEO Power Suite seems to be the best SEO report software at the moment. It does, however, come with a price. However, if you are a beginner or have a small website, the free SEO software version will do just fine. You can find out more and download the suite at

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