Skype 5.0 Was Redesigned for iPhone

In what can be interpreted as a supreme irony (for all of us who are aware of Microsoft and Apple’s fierce competition going on since… well, since ever), the two companies have announced earlier this week a new collaboration on making Skype available on iPhone. Well, not to sound dramatic, Skype was already available on iPhone for a few years now, but now a new version has been revamped to fit the iPhone better. As scheduled, Microsoft released the new and redesigned Skype 5.0 yesterday, the 12th June 2014, within the iOS App Store. Though many things were amiss lately in the App Store (especially with the recent scandal related to all music download apps being removed), this piece of good news should cast a new and more favorable light on Apple’s apps.

According to an official Skype press release, the new app is available for download as of yesterday and its developers can’t wait for users to tune in and try it. Former user feedback has played an extensive role anyway in redesigning the app to fit everyone’s needs better, so it could be said that Skype 5.0 was actually remastered around its user pool and community preferences. Great news all around, right? The new version looks like this (pictured below) and you can already find it as a free download on your iPhone’s App Store.

Among the features improved are the app’s overall smoothness and friendly usage. The conversations you’ll be having, especially the video ones, will now be on top at the front of everything for as long as you have them. The new version is also 5 times more stable and more reliable than previous versions (at least according to its Microsoft developers) and less likely to experience crashes or any other disruptive events. Everything was thought of with one goal in mind: providing users with a leaner and more comfortable social experience. Navigating through the new Skype 5.0’s UI is also reportedly smoother and more fluid, as well as the app’s new and features: creating a group chat to invite all your significant friends or family into, sending a photo almost instantly after taking it, or the ever popular action of starting a video call. All of these and many more will from now on glide more smoothly across the screen and fit the user’s manipulation preferences better, being more intuitive. Keeping in touch with close ones will be easier and more comfortable than ever, it seems.

The real users who already got around to testing the new app confirm the easier use and seem to be as excited about it as Microsoft promised they’ll be. Internet forums all seem to agree that the new Skype 5.0 for iPhone is definitely a win. But there’s one downside, though, albeit a temporary and minor one: not all users seem to able to download it from Apple’s App Store. Some users have reported seeing the new app listed in the App Store or in its “Update” pane, but not being able to download it properly. Most likely, this error is just due to the novelty of the release and will get solved by itself over the next days; so if it happens to you, don’t panic. Be patient and keep trying – it will most likely get settled by the end of the weekend and you should be able to enjoy the new Skype 5.0 experience as well.

Microsoft promises in its official release statement that the new Skype 5.0 for iPhone will be just the beginning of a new Skype experience on this device. All chuckling aside (about the complicated Microsoft and Apple dynamics), this is great news.

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