Sources Say the New iPad Mini 3 Will Not Be Launched this Year

Last Monday we rounded up all the iPad Air 3 rumors that we could find online and put them all in one article. We got quite a clear image of what to expect from the October event when the new iPad Air 3 is thought to be launched. Apple hasn’t yet confirmed or infirmed the event, but history taught us that Apple launches a new iPad every year in October.

For the past two years, the October event which gave us the iPad Air also introduced us to the iPad Mini, the miniature 7.9-inch tablet computer, but recent rumors are saying that Apple won’t be launching the new iPad Mini 3 during the October event this year.

The New iPad Mini – What to Expect

The current iPad Mini (2nd generation) tablet computer has an Apple A7 processor, 1.4 GHz dual-core Apple CPU and 1GB of RAM memory. The 5 MP back camera features 1080p HD and the whole device weighs 330 grams (0.73 lb, the Wi-Fi model) and 340 grams (0,75 lb the Wi-Fi and Cellular model).

It’s a good tablet, but many were complaining, as was the case for the iPad Air 2, that it was missing the Touch ID Fingerprint sensor that the iPhone 5 had.

Well, it is rumored that both the iPad Air 3 and the new iPad Mini 3 will feature the desired Touch ID Fingerprint sensor. More rumors are hinting at the fact that the new iPad Mini 3 will feature an A8 processor and a better camera, probably 8 MP.

Why Did Apple Postpone the Launch?

Up until today, we’ve all thought that the new iPad Mini 3 would launch at the much-awaited Apple event in October, but the Taiwanese publication, Commercial Times, has revealed that it had information from chain supply manufacturers that the new iPad Mini 3 will not launch at the October event.

If we choose to believe this rumor, and we to because the Taiwanese publication has been right before when it came to Apple devices, we’re wondering why Apple chose to delay the launch of the new iPad Mini 3.

We’re purporting that there are two reasons behind this decision: firstly, Apple invested a lot of time, money and effort in developing and launching their eagerly-awaited smartwatch, the Apple Watch. Apple simply could not have had enough time to get the iPad Mini 3 ready for the October launch. Does it sound a bit far-fetched? Maybe, but it could be the reason behind their decision.

Secondly, it could have something to do with the new larger iPad Pro that Apple is thought to launch at the beginning of 2015. We haven’t got any official confirmation, of course, but there have been plenty of rumors that say Apple is getting ready to launch a 12.9-inch iPad and the new iPad Mini 3 is believed to be introduced with it.

We tend to believe the second reason more than we do the first. We think Apple is going to let their star of the show, the iPad Air 3, get all the applause and let the iPad Mini wait for a little longer. If this is the case, then we should get ready for some impressive updates to the new iPad Air 3, because Apple can’t introduce one single device without it being truly impressive.

This news about the launch of the new iPad Mini 3 being postponed only tells us that the iPad Air 3 that is thought to launch during an event in October will be something to genuinely looking forward to.

Were you looking forward to a new iPad Mini 3 this autumn? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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