Swype for iPhone App: Typing with Style

Swype for iPhone is an intuitive keyboard designed so that you can reply to instant messages in the blink of an eye. As you may have guessed from the title of the app, this little gadget enhancing wonder provides swipe texting for everyone! If you don’t know what swipe texting is, then you are about to find out. Likewise, if you don’t know how exactly this app can improve upon your traditional iPhone keyboard, you’re also about to find out.

In the following review of the Swype keyboard for iPhone, we will be looking at how the swiping functions, how it could be improved, and how different apps are making use of this new and innovative way of texting. Lastly, we will also be going up close and personal with Swype for iPhone to see what are its pros and cons, its compatibility issues, and how it ranks up against other iPhone and iPad apps used for typing.

What Is Swype Texting for iPhone?

Swipe texting isn’t that new. The principle behind it implies sliding your finger across the touchscreen keyboard instead of simply tapping the letters in the order you want them to appear. Swiping text messaging implies the user moving his or her finger from one letter to another in the order that is present in the word itself. The motion itself should be smooth and uninterrupted, so users really need to be good at spelling.

Although texting does not usually imply complicated words, mobile keyboards have now begun being used for a wide array of different tasks: from checking and responding to emails, to writing reading notes, and even for essays. There simply isn’t a limit to the functionality of this type of keyboard.

Add to this predictive texting and suggestions, and you have yourself a very well designed app. The problem is: Swype for iPhone isn’t the only app on the AppStore that has this type of functionality. Ever since the algorithm had begun its first steps (around 2010), more and more companies pitched in with their own versions for this promising piece of software. To the point where, today, the market is oversaturated – filled with loads of apps. And mobile OS programmers have also started to integrate the feature in the phone’s factory settings.

Naturally, these companies, such as the owner of Swype for iPhone, Nuance Communications, are constantly challenging themselves to come up with new ideas. After all, something has to justify the app’s price, doesn’t it?

PROs & CONs of Swype for iPhone

Obviously, with such a wide variety of apps available for swype texting for iPhone, it’s only logical that the race for the best features is very complicated. The Swype app for iPhone has many advantages, but at the same time, people have been complaining about glitches and about problems with the predictable text feature of the app. For the sake of convenience, we’ve made a small list of all the pro features, and the con “features.”

  • PRO: Swype texting for iPhone. The iPhone device was the last one to catch on to the trend of predictable, single movement typing on the keyboard. When the ability for apps to replace the device’s keyboard was introduced (beginning with iOS version 8.0), the Swype app had already had several versions available for Android.
  • CON: the text swiping is already a factory feature for most devices. Why would people pay extra for an app that basically gives you something you already have? The answer would be that it has some other features, but are they really worth it?
  • PRO: automatic spacing. While at first, this feature could prove annoying, it could be that in the end it will be very useful. The automatic spacing means that after you Swipe a word, your Swype for iPhone app will automatically add a space between that word and the next one, essentially eliminating a task from your texting.
  • CON: predictive text can become annoying. Aside from keeping track on a remote server of all that you have ever searched for, the app gives some of the oddest text predictions ever. And also, the more you type, the more confused (and confusing) the text prediction algorithm can get.
  • PRO: colorful themes. An extra feature that maybe makes this app worth paying for is that it has different colored themes that make the texting experience all the more unique and personalized to your taste. It seems that Swype for iPhone has some features that are really cool.
  • CON: Few people want to be paying $1 for something that is essentially available for free. The difference here can be made if you look at app stability. Swype usually works better than other third party apps, although it can’t really compare to versions on Android and Windows Phone devices.

All in all, Swype for iPhone isn’t just a nice app, it’s a really useful download for those that spend massive amounts of time swype texting on iPhone devices. If you own an Android device, Swype for iPhone can be tried for free.

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