The Best 10 Apps for Your Mac

Choosing the right apps for your Mac can be a not-so-easy job, especially considering how many new apps come out each month. This is our personal take on what the best 10 apps for your Mac might be, especially if you’re curious about the newer ones. If you’ve just recently bought a new Mac and want to populate it with the right apps to make it more functional, then this is a useful post for you too. We don’t just review the new and cute apps, but also give some suggestions for the essential though not-so-new ones. If you’ve been wondering what’s worth buying or downloading from the huge Apple app store, this is our two cents on it. So, without much further intros, these are, we think, the best 10 apps for your Mac. Give them a try:

Let’s start with something really basic, like a program to compress and decompress files. While Apple’s OS X does come equipped with an extraction utility, their version has been known to have some limitations. For example, the supported file formats aren’t that various, and there have been some issues with documents with non-Roman languages as well. To take care of any potential issue and to make your file extracting way smoother, get The Unarchiver and thank yourself later.

2. Bartender

If there’s one thing the Apple developers enjoy, it’s creating bar menu apps, not that anyone is complaining. This app will help you juggle multiple applications running at the same time on your Mac without overcrowding it. That’s why it’s called the Bartender, it cleans things up, and it’s fun to use too.

3. Cloud (for Mac)

Still on the topic of useful rather than new, a list of the best 10 apps for your Mac wouldn’t be complete without this. Installing Cloud, even if you’re paying for the premium version and not the basic free one, will prove to be cheaper and more efficient than using Dropbox or similar programs.

4. Alfred

We only have one thing to say on the matter: keyboard shortcuts galore! Why not take advantage of the full Mac experience and use it like a pro? With the Alfred app, creating those cool and useful shortcuts will be a piece of cake, and so will many more cool things it can do.

5. Gif Brewery

Simply put, you need this up because creating gifs is so much fun and because it shouldn’t be something reserved only for Photoshop pros.

6. Freedom

In nowadays’ internet age, we all tend to be shameless procrastinators. To take care of this potential problem, there’s a cute little productivity app called Freedom that temporarily cuts off your internet connection. You agree to go offline for an X number of minutes and whoa, behold how many things get done!

7. Fantastical

This is still the best calendar app ever. It turns your sentences into calendar entries with no effort on your behalf, just open it up and type something like “party with Laura and George Friday at 8” and the app will put it on your organizer.

8. Airmail

A unified email app is essential when trying to pick the best 10 apps for your Mac. Airmail has become the most popular choice, especially since the decline of Sparrow. Not only does it unify and support and e-mail service you could think of, but it also features popular tie-ins like Dropbox or Cloud to make any messaging easier.

9. Divvy

Divvy will make your whole Mac experience way more organized without wasting so much time for going to the mouse each time you want to resize or minimize a window. We all tend to have a lot of windows open and with this organizing app, keeping them all in check will be easier and less crowded. It’s truly one of the best 10 apps for your Mac that you should consider.

10. AppCleaner

A fitting way to close this list of the best 10 apps for your Mac is to bring up the AppCleaner. Since you’re the type who likes trying out new apps and getting the best of the best, you’ll probably change your apps regularly (and kudos for that). But to make sure your old ones aren’t slowing down your computer, consider this cleaning app that completely uninstalls any app you want to let go of. Improving the speed and productivity of Macs is always a concern, and thus you shouldn’t even look into this list of the best 10 apps for your Mac without ensuring your way out of them too. AppCleaner is just that.

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