Top 5 Apple Watch Applications

While Apple Watch applications are recently said to be more than 3,500 items available on App Store, some evaluators and early adopters have reported that many do not provide useful performance on the hand. Despite strict acceptance recommendations, the App Store for Apple Watch is messy with basic or badly designed applications for the wrist-worn gadget, likely due in main part to the applications having been created before availability of the Apple Watch.

To help clients discover some top quality watch-based stuffs, the experts skimmed through the items offered at App Shop to choose five Apple Watch applications that have proved to be particularly useful. A few of these handy (pun intended) Apple Watch programs that are worth referring to include Philips Hue, Workflow, Things, Clear and Calcbot.

5. Workflow

An automated tool enables the user to drag and drop any mix of activities to create a customized workflow and finish various projects. You can, for instance, to use the app to get recommendations to close by fast food and restaurants within a predetermined distance directly on Apple Watch. These workflows are created by using also an iPhone and instantly appear on your Apple Watch with one-tap use.

4. Philips Hue

This app for Apple Watch shows up to 10 different illumination choices for Hue colors that can be triggered by pushing a small button – there is only one key per display, and you shift between them. One slight difficulty is that the application has no Glance and you have to actually start the app to turn on the lights, even if this is a simple problem that could quickly be resolved in an upcoming upgrade.

You select your preferred displaying in the Hue for iPhone application in configurations, where available choices to select from are detailed under the Widget & Apple Watch. All scenes that you select will be available on your Apple Watch and in the Notification Center on your iPhone, but only if you have this widget turned on. The display will be the same in all locations – so you cannot select different ones for your iOS widget and for the Apple Watch.

However, if you do not have the Hue Tap, fast selecting scenes on your Apple Watch is simply the quickest way to manage your illumination preferences since the product is right on your hand. With ten scenes, there are plenty of choices for managing lighting around the house. And, you can have even more scenes by designing them on your iPhone or by installing them from Meet Hue webpage.

3. Things

This is one of the several to-do applications available for your Apple Watch, showing a list of daily tasks or long-term objectives right on the wrist that can be allocated to groups, checked out as finished or included in bigger tasks relevant to you, for example, planning your vacation, planning a demonstration or calculating taxation.

To-dos are included straight from the Apple Watch by using a Siri dictation, and classified under Today or Inbox with only one tap. This app for Apple Watch can also offer notices to attention you about planned to-dos according to a specified day so that you do not forget it, and any tasks is instantly synchronized to a paired iPhone.

2. Calcbot

This application created by Tapbots reduces the lack of stock and finance calculators on Apple Watch, helping you to calculate primary computations and conversions, determine tips and or spilt bills directly at your table. The regular calculating mode features a primary number key pad, while the firm press at Force Touch offers an entire selection menu with basic mathematics, such as adding, deducting, dividing and multiplying.

The conversion mode provides a similar number key pad with choices to turn US dollars into European or other type of currency , pounds to kgs, kilometers to miles and Celsius to Fahrenheit by using its Force Touch feature. The Calcbot Pro, available for $2.29, allows its users to change the four conversion choices by using the Calcbot application for iPhone, with more than 500 models across 20 different categories to select from.

Probably the most useful feature of Calcbot for Apple Watch is its tip calculator, an option that allows the user to enter all costs of his or her bill and then calculate a tip that ranges from 10% to 30%. This sum can be divided between up to ten clients if necessary. Calcbot and Apple Pay make your Apple Watch much more convenient and user friendly than just struggling with and iPhone and looking into your pockets when the bill comes.

1. Clear

Your Apple Watch’s small display size is great for showing bite-sized info, making Clear an ideal match for your wrist-worn gadget. Clear for Apple Watch delivers projects, reminders and important details, presenting a Glance that informs you how about many points are on the list and shows future tasks. Including new projects can be done by utilizing its Siri dictation.

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