Upgrade Your iPhone with the Verizon iPhone Trade In

What do you know about the Verizon iPhone trade in? Upgrading your old iPhone doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. In an effort to promote recycling, Verizon now has a program that will take your old, obsolete iPhone and replace it with the newest model. And the best thing is that you won’t have to pay the full price! Depending what old model of the iPhone you have, the new one may cost you as much as half its original price.

It’s called the Verizon iPhone Trade In, and it’s great. It’s a program that offers you money for your old phones. It can be just about any device, but the newer your model is, the bigger the discount on what you want to buy. However, there’s a trick Verizon won’t just give you the money. The agreement says that you will only receive a discount – meaning that you can’t go off to another carrier and buy another phone – sorry. The following short review is here to clarify all possible questions and issues users may have with this cool program.

Verizon iPhone Trade In: Requirements

In order to make a successful iPhone Verizon trade in, users of the mobile carrier network need to meet the following requirements:

  • Have a Verizon Wireless account. The device that is trade it in will be converted first into Verizon Wireless Credits. These credits can be then used to purchase the new iPhone.
  • A compatible device. Verizon accepts trade-ins for many types of devices, but not for all. You can trade in smartphones, tablets, basic phones, Verizon Jetpacks, and Netbooks. Basically – all the things you could ever buy from the company. You cannot trade in Delphi Connect, Vehicle Diagnostics, Samsung Galaxy Cameras, or any other devices connected. Note: you old iPhone can be from any carrier. Even AT&T.
  • No active connection. The device that you trade in with the Verizon iPhone Trade In program cannot be active. This means that all connections to the device must be off, that the device itself must be off, and that all the sim cards have been disconnected. If you don’t know how to do this, contact the customer support of your mobile carrier.
  • The device must be in working condition. Any problems with the device and you not only do not receive a discount, but Verizon will also keep your old, defective phone.
  • All personal data must be erased. Using the user’s manual or customer support. Go through your phone and make sure you delete all your personal data. No matter if you restore your phone to factory settings, some apps may still keep your data, so be sure to check all that may hold important information.

Verizon iPhone Trade In: How to Trade In iPhone at Verizon

If you and your phone are ok with all the above requirements, then it’s time to move on to the actual Verizon iPhone Trade. How does one do this? Do I receive my new iPhone on the spot? How much do I have to pay? All these are valid questions, so let’s answer them:

  • Go to the official Verizon page for trade-ins. Over there, you will see the major steps involved, as well as a big, red button leading to a price calculator.
  • Select your carrier. From the first drop-down menu on the next page, you have to select your wireless network.
  • Select your phone make. Next, form the really, really long list, select the manufacturer. For a Verizon trade in iPhone, make sure you choose Apple.
  • Select your phone model. Next, pick the exact phone that you have – make sure you don’t mix up the iPhone 4 with the 4S, or any other models that are close to each-other.
  • Get an approximate trade-in value. After you select your phone, you will get its approximate value, if you choose to trade it in for a new Verizon wireless device.
  • Apply for a trade-in. After you get the estimate, use your Verizon account to apply for a trade-in. you will be sent a bundle of shipping materials with which you have to deliver your phone to Verizon.
  • Wait for the credit. Within 2-3 working days, Verizon will look at your phone and determine exactly how much it’s worth. After it’s been approved, it will take up to two weeks to either receive a Verizon discount gift card. Within 1 or 2 bill cycles, the credit will be transferred to your account.
  • Keep your new phone active. The new Verizon Trade in iPhone that you purchase via the Verizon iPhone Trade In must be kept active for at least 3 bill cycles. If your new device is not to your liking, it can be returned within 14 days, but you will only receive credits and not your old device back.


The Verizon Wireless iPhone trade in is a great and impressive offer from the mobile carrier. It’s not only a great way for users to keep up with the ever-improving technology, but also a very environmentally-friendly initiative from a company that serves an area with a lot of waste. Electronic waste can be, indirectly, extremely damaging as instead of recycling old devices, companies are forced to obtain new materials that are increasingly scarce. So, the Verizon Wireless iPhone trade in is not only a program by which you help yourself, but also through which you help the environment – another reason to trade in your old iPhone phone now.

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