VLC for Mac Features that Stand Out

We’ll admit it: we all have VLC for Mac installed on our computers, be they Macs or anything else. It simply is better than any other player you can find out there. It’s sleek, but simple, it’s neat and it works far better than its rivals (*hint hint* BS Player). But because it’s so simple in its design, many of us have probably overlooked some of the most amazing features of VLC for Mac.

Thank the stars we’re here! We’re going to show you every single possible hidden feature of the VLC for Mac. Some of these features you couldn’t even dream about, let alone know they already exist. Others, however, actually promise to replace between 3 and 4 programs that you already probably have. It really goes to show just how powerful a tool the noble, basic-looking VLC media player for Mac can be. Looks can be deceiving.


Hidden Features of VLC for Mac

These features range from really simple, to really complex, so it’s best we get started:

Record Your Screen with VLC for Mac

It’s incredible that you can do this with the VLC for Mac. And to think that all, this time, we used to go to other, mainly shabby programs that asked you to pay for a poor recording job. We can now say goodbye to that and record with VLC for Mac. Here’s how:

  • Click on media. From the options at the top, select Media.
  • Select the capture mode. There will be a drop-down menu from which you should select Desktop.
  • Change the framerate. Depending on what you will be doing, select the appropriate framerate. We recommend 15 fps for basic screen capturing or 30 fps for things that move more quickly.
  • Convert the file. The captured file can be exported to MP4. Go to the Play button bellow and click the small arrow. Select convert. There you will see a profile dropdown with all the files you can export to. To change the settings of this file, click the Edit selected profile button.
  • Select where you want it. Now select the destination by clicking Browse right next to Destination.
  • Click start. VLC for Mac will now start recording your desktop.

Convert Files with VLC for Mac

Remember all those nasty, malware-infected, spyware-filled third-party apps that were simply the scum of the Mac software? Well, we don’t! Ever since we’ve started using VLC for Mac, we forgot all about that. Really now, it’s extremely easy to convert files with the VLC media player for Mac. Here’s how:

  • Go to media. Again, select the Media option on the top row.
  • Select convert/ Under that menu, check the convert/save option.
  • Select files. You can add multiple files to convert. As many as you like. You can even embed subtitles in a video.
  • Select the settings. Again, use the small arrow at the bottom to select the exact output file that you want.
  • Select a destination and start. Lastly, as with the other feature, select a name and a destination for the file and click

Download Videos with VLC for Mac

After you download VLC player for Mac, you’ll be able to also download probably every video ever that you can find online. Here’s the method to do that with VLC for Mac:

  • Once again, go to Media.
  • Select Open network system. Under media, you will find the option to open a streaming service.
  • Paste your video link. Get the link off of any video (let’s say from YouTube). Paste it into the box and click Play (if you want to play it).
  • Go to Tools. Now for the download part, select Tools/Codec Information in your VLC for Mac.
  • Get the link. On the location box at the bottom of the new window, there should be a link. Copy it.
  • Paste the link in your browser. When you do this, the browser will go directly to the streaming server and you will be able to save the video directly to your Mac.

Record Your Webcam with VLC for Mac

Of course, if you can save videos off of YouTube, record your screen, and convert files, you can also record your webcam. Doing this is by far the simplest of all these other features of the VLC player for Mac:

  • Go to Media, of course. From here, select Open Capture device.
  • Select your webcam. From Capture mode, select DirectShow. You will now see a video device name. Pick your webcam from there. Respectively, select your microphone for the audio device name.
  • Select how to customize settings. You can either use the webcam’s software to change settings or you can use the VLC media player for Mac directly.
  • Select okay and start recording.


Record anything off of your desktop with VLC for Mac!


Which of these features of the VLC for Mac will you be using? Let us know which one best fits your purpose! Also, we have to mention that there are a whole lot more hidden features in the VLC media player for Mac, many of them well worth exploring. Tweak around and see if you find some cool features in VLC for Mac. If you do, we’d love to hear about it!

Image sources: depositphotos.com

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