Why the iPad Pro Is a Good Bet

Have you seen the new iPad Pro by Apple? If you have, then there’s probably one big question on your mind: why? Asking why to buy the iPad Pro is surprisingly a very valid question. But Apple have asked themselves this question multiple times, and it shows. We can see that from the brilliant features of the Pro that don’t just make it a bigger iPad Air pro. It’s a whole new wonder to be explored.

To look into the question of buying an iPad Pro, it’s important that users take account of all the details. So we’re here with the price, we’re here with the specs, we’re here with accessories. But most of all, we’re here with fully formed opinions. Buying an iPad is not just a hunt for a tech gadget, it’s a commitment. One that can last as long as a user doesn’t break the device’s screen. Without any further delays – you’re probably anxious to hear all we have to say about the iPad Pro – let’s begin!

The Best Features of the iPad Pro

As we’ve already said, the new Apple iPad Pro presents itself to the users not simply as another iPad. It’s much more than that. But let’s not spoil the surprises in the list below. All in all, the tablet presents some incredible features that are already the talk of the world. The following is a record both of the specs and of other tech capabilities of the new iPad.

  • That 12.9” display. Let’s face it, the first thing people talk about when dealing with the iPad Pro is the screen. After all, it’s the most prominent feature of the device. That 13-inch widescreen monster can make sure you take advantage of your Ultra HD Netflix subscription. And that retina display is the biggest ever built by Apple – we’re talking MacBooks included. It has a resolution of 2732 by 2048 clocking in 264 ppi.
  • Those 4 speakers. It’s a given – most people who’ve reviewed the iPad Pro can’t seem to wrap their heads around why Apple chose to use 4 speakers instead of the usual 1 or 2. Let’s put it this way: 1 speaker would’ve been underwhelming; 2 speakers would’ve been great, but why stop there? The 4 speakers are divided thusly: the bottom 2 deliver the bass frequencies while the other 2 deliver the treble. And get this: if you rotate the iPad, the speakers will switch and you’ll still hear the bass from the bottom and the treble from the top. Ingenious.
  • That A9X processor. Apple have learned from their past criticisms: it’s not enough that it’s pretty, it also has to have power. Unlimited power. And the A9X delivers more than any other Apple processor ever. With 64-bit architecture, this micro-beast delivers a frequency of 2.26 GHz in two cores. It must be said that the CPU, as with other Apple devices, also serves as a GPU.
  • Those 4 gigabytes of RAM. I know, 4 GBs or RAM does seem pretty impressive for a tablet. However, get this: 4 GBs or RAM have been a standard in middle-price-range laptops for over 5 years. This isn’t necessarily a criticism, but think about how quickly tablets went from 512 MBs or RAM to 2-3 GBs. It’s only a matter of time before we see tablets with 8GB or RAM. iPad Pro designers should have thought about that, maybe, and listened to the iPad Pro rumors.
  • That Apple Pencil. We admit, Steve Jobs once said that if Apple ever made a stylus, it would signal the end of the world of Mac. However, this Apple pencil is not quite a stylus. It’s a pencil in the true sense of the word – but don’t try to sharpen it. Combine this pencil with the touch-sensitive display and the incredible Apple iPad Pro apps such as the Sketchbook Pro iPad, and you’ve got yourself the perfect device for creative artists everywhere. The app can even be used for Photoshop if you install the newest version of the tool for iPad. The Pencil can be charged via the lightning USB port and is paired with the iPad via Bluetooth.
  • That Apple Smart Keyboard. Of course, you can buy many other keyboards for this device, but that would mean sacrificing the Pencil because these keyboards are usually connected via Bluetooth. Now you can have both! The Apple Smart Keyboard pairs with your iPad Pro through the plain Smart Connector at the bottom of the device. This connector uses magnets to stick and this really makes everything a whole lot easier.

Conclusion and iPad Pro Prices

As you would have it with Apple and its incredible quality devices, the iPad Pro is far from cheap. There are three versions: the Wi-Fi 32 GB version, the Wi-Fi 128 GB version, and the Wi-Fi + Cellular 128 GB version. The first one goes for $799, the second one for $949 while the third tops the list with a price of $1,079.

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