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Users who have loved the intuitive flowchart interface of Quickbooks, originally designed for Windows, can now enjoy a full-fledged 2013 version on their Macs. The 2013 edition retails for a price of $249.95 and is available for download at this link here. If you already have an older version of Quickbooks for Mac, you can upgrade to the 2013 edition for a price of just $199.95.

Below, you can read about the new features, bells and whistles that you can look forward to in the 2013 edition.

What has made this Intuit’s software a huge hit is the organized way in which all aspects of accounting and bookkeeping have been addressed by the software, as discussed below.

Built specifically for the Mac machine

Obviously, when you purchase the Mac edition of Quickbooks, you want it to be built for your Mac, seamlessly merging with exclusive Mac features like iCal and more importantly, your Mac’s address books. This is fantastically done and integration is smooth, effortless and requiring a minimal effort on your part.

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Easy learning curve

Now, we say easy learning curve with some caution. If you are going to be the average Quickbooks user, using Quickbooks for an intermediate level of accounting for your small or medium business, you will find the learning curve to be surprisingly easy. The tutorial for each module, showcasing how different tasks are to be done or carried out are well presented and will require just one or two reruns to completely understand, implement, practice and perfect.

If you want to exploit the full power of Quickbooks’s amazing capabilities, your learning curve is just going to be longer, as you just have to watch more tutorial videos to understand and grasp more modules and concepts. There are also plenty of cheap, high-quality Kindle books and other e-book titles that allow you to master Quickbooks to a great degree, whether it runs on a Mac or a Windows machine.

Sales and Expense tracking

One feature you will absolutely love in this new version of Quickbooks is that it allows you to integrate your bank account. If you have a bank account with online access, Quickbooks will read that information and populate your Quickbooks in batches, in workable batches that you can analyze or use to compute transactions for a certain date range, a date range that you choose.


As always, Quickbooks is still the best software when it comes to easy tracking of sales and expenses. When you input data regularly, you can get an easy snapshot of the people who owe you, the people you owe and the people you have paid, in a great amount of detail, that allows you to stay on top of your basic budgeting.

Finding particular transactions quickly

Let’s say you want to pull up a transaction of a particular customer, without having to wade through a lot of transactions that might have occurred in the month when you think the transaction might have occurred. Quickbooks makes it incredibly easy, allowing you to search transactions with various parameters like customer name, phone number, contact info or even by billing address. You can also find expenses that way, by entering various points of information about a particular vendor.

Analytical tool

Quickbooks can be used as a fantastic analytical or financial review tool as well. With just a few clicks, you are able to compare year over year sales, sales trends, expenses, expense trends and even view a snapshot of your top customers.


In fact, the 2013 edition has been revamped to provide you with fantastic analytical and review tools, generating as many as 115 reports that allow you to look at your business’s financial health in a multitude of ways.

Create professional looking invoices

Are you generating invoices for your customers or maybe just giving them estimates when they make initial inquiries? Do it in style! Use the personalized forms to create stunning invoices that are both efficient and pleasing to the eye, also providing you with branding for your business. You can include your company logo and change fonts and colors, to generate invoices and estimates like you have never done before.

Billing clients by the hour

If you are in the type of service or niche where you bill your customers by the hour, Quickbooks has a fantastic back end that will allow you to log hours and create meaningful invoices that can be easily verified by your clients.


Offer full transparency with these invoices and avoid the back and forth haggling that usually happens with bill by the hour arrangements, when invoices are presented without accompanying or verifiable hour logs.

In conclusion, Quickbooks for Mac still remains the best in class bookkeeping software that your money can buy. While there are cheaper software programs that will offer limited functionality, Intuit’s Quickbooks is still the go-to software for comprehensive bookkeeping, specifically built for your Mac.

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